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What is Adult Friend Finder? Review and Analysis

Adult Friend Finder is one of most reliable and trustworthy dating apps on the internet, having gained a reputation for being the world's largest sex platform over it's long career. As one of the premier hookup sites, Adult Friend Finder is stacked to the brim with horny users, adult chat rooms and interactive features that make meeting new people easier than it's ever been before.

The entire site is dedicated to ensuring you find someone to hook up with in record time. And not only is Adult Friend Finder a place to meet like-minded individuals for no strings attached fun, but it's also the number one dating site within the swinger community. In this biased Adult Friend Finder review, we'll tell you everything you need to know about this high profile hookup site.
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Adult Friend Finder Success Stories

It's not just our AdultFriendFinder review that speaks highly of this elite dating site. AFF has been bringing other users together for casual sex for over twenty years, so there's plenty of happy customers willing to sing its praises. Here's a few recent success stories:
Andrew, Adult Friend Finder user

I've tried every online dating site there is, and quite simply, nothing comes to close to what Adult Friend Finder offers. Hundreds of free features, millions of members - it's like walking into a whorehouse on Christmas Day. As soon as I log on, I'm indundated with messages from local women who want the same thing I do, and there's no prizes for guessing what that is. I only use the free account too, and even that's more than enough to get me laid any night of the week!

23 comments, 16 shares
David, Adult Friend Finder user

I'm the first person to admit that I suck with women, and after trying every dating website on the scene, I thought that maybe I was doing something wrong. I had no success whatsoever, and it wasn't until I read an AdultFriendFinder review that things finally started changing for me. When it comes to the women on AFF, they don't care how I look, or whether I have the same interests as them. Most of them just want to meet up and get down to business without saying a word, and that's fine by me!

54 comments, 23 shares
Ken, Adult Friend Finder user

After seeing ads for AdultFriendFinder on a bunch of big name porn sites, I finally decided to give it a go. I really expected it to be a dud like every other dating app out there, but after signing up, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I had three messages within minutes of signing up, and after replying to them all, it quickly became clear that these real REAL horny chicks looking for a good time. I very quickly got the Gold Membership and met a few local chicks who I've since become good fuck buddies with, and it's all thanks to AdultFriendFinder's no nonsense style. I love it

75 comments, 31 shares

Tired of Dating Sites that Don't Actually Get You Laid?

We know more than anyone how tiresome dating sites can be. You spend more time scrolling through fake profiles and swiping past high-maintenance women than you do actually meeting up with them. Everyone knows that the dating game is a total waste of time, which is why hookup sites are becoming more popular by the day. More than ever before, people are turning to platforms which cut out the bullshit and get right to the good stuff.

And as one of the best hookup sites of all time, that's exactly what Adult Friend Finder does. Every single one of the 50 million users is on the same page and just wants to meet someone without the hassle of enduring the boring, outdated dating process. It's a place to meet real life women without having to hit the bars or take her out to lavish restaurants. Just sign up, start chatting and start fucking.

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Why Not Let Us Take the Hard Work Out of Getting Laid?

Everyone knows that the dating game sucks - especially in the modern world when women expect a ton of attention and dates before taking things to the bedroom. At the same time, a lot of guys just go through the whole annoying process just to get into a woman's pants, and before you they it, they've wasted a load of money paying for dinners, drinks and pointless gifts.

But when you join AdultFriendFinder, you don't have to concern yourself with any of that. The only cost you'll have to bear is the gas money to get you to her place, and such a trip will surely pay for itself once you're between her legs. On our hookup website, you can start chatting with women at 8pm and be on top of her by 9. If that isn't getting laid on easy mode then we don't know what is!

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One Hookup Site to Rule Them All

All of the features on AdultFriendFinder are in place for a reason. We didn't just throw out a bunch of stuff and hope for the best. Every little thing is engineered to facilitate hook ups in the most efficient and most discreet manners. We took everything that was wrong with modern dating sites and found creative ways to fix these issues, all the while keeping casual hookups the core of our mission.

For example, we found that a lot of other hookup apps on the internet had very bad male to female ratios. Usually, the guys outnumbered the girls by a huge margin, meaning all of the women were inundated with messages while the guys had none. That's why all female members can join AFF completely for free, and we're happy to announce that we currently have 26% more women members than we do guys!

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No More Dating Site Swiping, Finally Find Free Sex Fast

Most online dating apps these days utilize the swipe feature, but AdultFriendFinder isn't one of them. We find that the traditional dating website approach makes it much easier for our members to connect with each other, and doesn't base connections on appearances alone. On AdultFriendFinder, you're free to scroll through profiles at your leisure and message anyone who catches your eye. You don't have to rely on matches before you can get the conversation rolling.

Our members report that finding fast sex is so much easier without the swiping, and much easier on AFF than any other mainstream dating app. Our site has the biggest collection of horny women anywhere online so there's really no need to look anywhere else. We're the central hub for hookups on the internet and we guarantee that you'll find someone to fuck within an hour of signing up to our site!

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The Best Hookup Website - 100% Guaranteed

As well as our fantastic features, our deep user base and our bustling community of sex-hungry members, there's already enough reasons to choose AdultFriendFinder over any other dating platform on the market. We've already been voted the best hookup website of 2021 and have no plans of stopping there, but there's also a few more advantages to choosing AFF that we haven't talked about yet.

Say Goodbye To Dating

The main reason our membership rates are through the roof is due to fact that we encourage casual sex, one night stands and short term relationships. Quite simply, the guys and girls on AFF are tired of the dating process and just want to satisfy their sexual urges without having to go on dates and listen to the same old chitter chatter. And don't think it's just the men who think this way - there are countless women out there who just want to fuck immediately too!

That's not to say you can't find a romantic partner on AdultFriendFinder. After all, most long term relationships come as a result of casual sex, so we help kick off this process in an explosive fashion. And if your arrangement doesn't progress to anything more, you've already enjoyed the fruits of your labors and for a lot of guys, that's more than enough. With our website, you can kiss goodbye to dating and say hello to dutiful, gratifying sex.

Save Money, Hook Up

Something a lot of our members quickly notice is how much money they save by using our site. After all, if you're just meeting up, having sex and going your separate ways, there's hardly any expense to spare. Dinner dates will be a thing of the past. Don't worry about surprising her with lavish gifts. The women on AFF aren't concerned with such things. All they ask is that you pay them in kind - and that usually involves your dick.

Don't just take our word for it either. These findings are backed up by hard data. In 2021, a study was carried out on members of various dating apps, and they found that the users on traditional dating apps like Match and eHarmony spend over 300% more cash on dates and gifts than the users on AFF. So, not only does AFF help you get laid super fast, but we're also helping your bank account too!

Women of Every Type

Another area where we shine is user variety. A lot of dating apps tend to cater to certain demographics like young adults or silver foxes, but AFF is a veritable all rounder when it comes to user types. You're just as likely to find a stunning young college girl as you are a frisky MILF looking for young cock, and that's just another reason why our numbers are growing rapidly by the day.

Our wide range of ladies are also looking for equally versatile guys, from college studs to matures and everything in between. So, it doesn't matter if this is your first dating site or your 50th, providing you're a male on the hunt for easy sex, there's a woman on the other side of the screen who is tailor made for you.
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Find Your Perfect Relationship In 5 Clicks

AdultFriendFinder specializes in every type of relationship no matter what your personal preferences might be. Every user will have different things in mind when it comes to their perfect relationship, so we've put together a short guide on what you might find. Here are the three most common types of relationship our users are seeking.

One Night Stands

This is the most common thing you'll find on AFF - people looking for one night stands. One night stands usually involve two people meeting up, usually at one of their places, and having sex all night long right through until the morning. Once the sex is over, both parties usually go their separate ways and don't see each other again. For a lot of people, one night stands are the best types of sex.

As you might expect, AFF is overflowing with frisky babes who can't get enough one night stands. A lot of these sex-hungry ladies are addicted to the rush of screwing someone new, which is why one night stands are their chosen type of casual relationship. One night stands let them sample a new cock, consume it in full and throw it away ready for the next guy. If you're in the right place at the right time, you could be one of the lucky guys they choose!

Fuck Buddies

Fuck buddies take things a little further. Instead of just meeting up for a one-off sex session, fuck buddies have sex over and over again, usually just meeting up whenever both halves of the relationship are in the mood to fuck. Fuck buddies don't usually do anything outside of the bedroom together, they just booty call, meet up, and get down to business. For a lot of people, it's the perfect arrangement.

Fuck buddies have a few advantages over one night stands, the most beneficial one being that you can get to know your fuck buddy's physical needs better over multiple fuck sessions (and she yours). The more comfortable you are together, the better your sex will be. There are millions of women on AFF right now on the hunt for a local fuck buddy, so sign up and offer your availability today!

Friends With Benefits

A friend with benefits relationship pushes your sexual exploration to the limits. A friend with benefits includes everything that a fuck buddy offers only with a few additional advantages. You still only meet up when you're both in the mood for love, and your relationship is still based entirely around your connection in the bedroom. However, there are a few things that take a FWB relationship up a notch.

The key is the word 'friend.' With a friend with benefits, you can occasionally do non-sexual things with them, like watch TV or eat lunch together. Whenever you're not having sex, you're friends, but whenever you're in bed together, then you're two raunchy animals pushing yourselves to your sexual extremes. If you want to connect with someone in the most explicit, primal and sexual way, a FWB will make sure it happens.
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Powerful Adult Social Network Features

As the number one hookup platform online, Adult Friend Finder includes more than enough features to keep you occupied. Here's what they offer:

Instant Access

Sign up to AdultFriendFinder and be chatting with other members within minutes. Registration only requires your basic information and a profile photo. Get going in less than two minutes!

Unlimited Messaging

Even as a free member, you can contact any AFF members without having to pay a cent. Chat, video talk and send voice messages to other users as much as you want.

Adult Chat Rooms

AFF's active chat rooms are the very reason a lot of members come to the site. There are chat rooms for every topic, location and sexual kink you could ever imagine.

Friends List

Add friends to your Friends List for quick access to their profiles and instant messaging. You can also invite users on your Friends List to chat rooms you're in.

Purity Test

AFF's Purity Test features 100 questions that uncover how far you're willing to take your sexual limits. Are you a prude? A slut? A total sex God? This test will help you find out.

Search Function

Find your perfect chat partner with AFF's advanced search capabilities. Filter search results by age range, body type, sexual orientation, hair location, location and a whole host of other data.

No Fakes

AFF makes every effort to ensure all of the site users are genuine, real life people. In other words, they stamp out fake profiles as soon as they crop up.

Gold Membership

Gold membership holders have access to a number of perks that help them stand out from the crowd. Just a few things are highlighted profiles, daily matches and free virtual gifts.

100% Safe & Secure

We don't share any personal information with any online third parties without your explicit permission.
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The Final Word In Legit Hookup Apps

AdultFriendFinder has been voted the best hook up site in the world for good reason. We're dedicated to getting guys and girls laid in a quick and discreet fashion all over the globe, and we're responsible for the sudden boom in hookups throughout 2021. This year alone, we've seen our user base grow by a massive 86%, with a new user signing up every minute on average!

Every woman out there has got the post-COVID horn and you'd be foolish not to capitalize on it! All these sex-starved beauties looking for no strings fucking are using AFF to meet local guys and you could easily be one of them - you just need be in the right place to make it happen! We guarantee that as soon as you register on our platform, whether it's as a free member or Gold member, you'll never have to look at porn videos ever again!
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Adult Friend Finder Frequently Asked Questions

Is Adult Friend Finder legit?

Yes, Adult Friend Finder is a legitimate dating platform, with federally registered trademarks all over the world. It's also a hub of interactive features, with chat rooms, forums, blogs and a matching system. Most people on AFF opt for the Gold Membership to gain access to all of the perks, although the free version works equally as well.

Does Adult Friend Finder work?

Adult Friend Finder works exceptionally well at facilitating casual meet ups between its users. It's been a hub of adult content since 1995 and continues to be one of the most visited sex sites anywhere online. A paid membership is required to use the site in full but the membership is low cost in comparison to dating apps of similar size and status.

Is Adult Friend Finder real?

Adult Friend Finder is a real hookup site featuring over 50 million users on its platform. Not everyone is from the US, as the site has users from Europe, Canada, South America and Asia. As one of the biggest online dating platforms of all time, Adult Friend Finder is a website worth checking out if you're looking to meet new people in your area.

Is Adult Friend Finder free?

Adult Friend Finder offers the option of a free account, but most users opt for the Gold Membership for full access to the site's perks and features. Gold members can send and receive messages, browse someone's profile, watch live streams and watch sponsored content. A full membership costs $40 for one month, $81 for three months or $199 for the entire year.

Is Adult Friend Finder better than Ashley Madison?

AdultFriendFinder is the better online dating website for users who are looking for no strings attached sex. While Ashley Madison also delivers on most friends, a membership to Ashley Madison costs significantly more money. AdultFriendFinder also has the advantage of being one of the most popular dating sites in the world.